Voo PTB2270

  • Enviado por: Ivan Oliveira
  • Origem: Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek (SBBR)
  • Destino: Barreiras (SNBR)
  • Aeronave: AT75 (AT75)
  • Durao: 01.24
  • Data de Envio: 06/10/2021
  • Route: Z63 OPKIR/N0240F135 VFR DCT OPKIR Z63
  • Status: Rejeitado
Detalhes Financeiros do Vo
(62 passageiros / $ 400.00 de cada
$ 24,800.00
Custos do Combutvel:
(819.188 kg de combust. utilizado @ 5.1 o kg)
$ 4,177.86

Informacoes Adicionais:

Ver Log

FS[13:16] Aircraft Title - ATR 72-500 Passaredo
FS[13:16] Aircraft Model - BOEING 737-800
FS[13:16] Flight Number PTB2270
FS[13:16] Departure SBBR
FS[13:16] Destination SNBR
FS[13:16] Boarding
FS[13:22] Taxiing to Runway
FS[13:22] Taking Off
FS[13:22] Taking Off
FS[13:22] 130kts
FS[13:22] pitch angle 2 degrees
FS[13:22] 4373 (lbs) of fuel onboard
FS[13:23] Climbing
FS[13:42] TOC Reached
FS[13:42] Cruise 19000
FS[14:08] TOD Reached
FS[14:08] Descending
FS[14:28] On Approach
FS[14:37] Landing Rate -125fpm
FS[14:37] 2635 (lbs) of fuel onboard
FS[14:37] pitch angle 1 degrees
FS[14:38] Taxiing to Gate
FS[14:41] Arrived
FS[14:42] Max Sim Rate: 1x
FS[14:42] kACARS_Free Version


Por Comentrio
Ivan Oliveira for some reason Kacars is getting the Aircraft Model like B738 but, the Aircraft Title is AT72-500 as you can see on log. I`ve tried to fix it in xplane aircraft folder but I did not get any answer if you have a clue how to do it I`ll really apreciatte that. have a good day
Ivan Oliveira As I've mentioned before the Kacars is filling up with some erros like B738 but I flew an ATR72-500 AEROSOFT that I'd have bought a few months ago just to get the short flights of the company, Hope it makes sense . Regards


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